Current Projects

Prosperity Estimator

A web-GIS service showcasing the prosperity of a neighbourhood depending upon the agents of happiness, thus creating a huge societal impact and assisting decision makers.

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Travelling Salesman Problem

A service allowing user to estimate an optimal shortest/fastest route between destinations passing through a set of intermediate stations.

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Piri Harita

An Indoor Navigation System that lets you position yourself and find routes of famous POIs for closed structures and buildings where Global Positioning System signals do not work.

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Campus Finder

A web-GIS system of Istanbul Technical University for different campuses that provides geo-tagged data, POIs, and routes between destinations.

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A near real-time forest fire monitoring system that uses different geostationary and polar orbitting satellites to detect active biomass burning within Turkey and adjoining regions.

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Latest Articles


A new spatial approach for efficient transformation of Equality - Generalized TSP to TSP.

Zia, M., Cakir, Z., Seker, D.Z.

Improving OpenStreetMap derived road length on a global scale using curve fitting approach.

Zia, M., Ozyildirim, O., Seker, D.Z., Cakir, Z.

Analysing the growth and governing factors of Turkey OpenStreetMap data-set.

Zia, M., Seker, D.Z., Cakir, Z.


  • Reshuffle of Staff

    Currently the center is experiencing staff restructuring and is looking for novel projects in the field of GeoSpatial Technologies. Possible funding is avaliable. Kindly contact us if you have ideas and workforce. Mentoring and affiliation is also possible.

Old Projects

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